2015 Song Of The Year

Jude Martin and Coleen McMahon Got an honorable mention from the 2015 Song of the Year competition for ‘Turnin’ Blue’.

Didn’t win but still very cool we got to the top of the race!!

2015 song of the year










Turning Blue

Produced and co-written by Judith Martin. Hope you guys like it…!
On itunes:



Reborn – in film ‘Ostwind 2’

New song ‘Reborn’ is part of the feature film ‘Ostwind 2’. The song features singer Coleen McMahon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.14.04 PM




Co-write ‘Note to Self’ featured on BET promo

We had the chance to write a song with Coleen McMahon. And even better…. It became the theme song for the BET Drama promo for their new 1 hour drama ‘Being Mary Jane’. The trailer is also showing in previews to ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Mandela’ and The Best Man Holiday’ among others. How exciting…. Thanks you guys for all the love in the youtube comments!





Ostwind – feature film

We love movies….but then, you might know that already. Our song ‘Wake Up’ – which we’ve written and recorded with the oh so talented Thomas Hien – will be featured in Katja Von Garnier‘s new film Der Ostwind.  Vielleicht gibts’n Kinoabend?



Co-write with folk singer/songwriter Thomas Hien

We met Thomas through writing for the film ‘ Friendhip! and hit it off immediately. After getting together for food and wine we couldn’t resist grabbing guitars and ukulele and writing a song together. Here’s the result….


The song is available here.
Thank you all for your support!