Pleasant Placidness – Relax and visualize…

Need something to help you relax? Like starring at the sky? Does our new song help?

We can always find beauty and happiness in the most unexpected places simply by changing your perspective and focus.
We hope this song is taking you on a imagenitary mini-vacation…..



Take My Breath Away

After many reincarnations this version of the song has finally made it! We always believed in the song but it took us half a dozen versions to get here. Special thanks to Dirk Grau for magnificent camera work….we like those german talents…
Hope you enjoy it!


Vent’s Mag Video Interview

Questions regarding song & video Khorwa…



Khorwa remixes are in…. enjoy everyone –
Huge shout aout and thank you for M80 & Genuine Childs!!


M80 Remix – dance/house/progressive house


Genuine Childs Remix – dance/chillout





Khorwa – (Circle of Life)


We are drawn to grandiose settings of the great outdoors, untouched by man. But we also live in a city with millions
of people and love its colorful, lively diversity. So here’s a stab at those contrasts.
The “Khorwa” video was shut in breathtaking Kauai… We hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think….


Aurah’s 3 Little Birds (Bob Marley Cover) – Video

We had a chance to visit Costa Rica to shoot this video. What a beautiful place!!

Special thanks to Blair Shotts for live drums and Lilli Birdsell for her camerawork! You guys rock –




Where Have We Been?

Dear Friends of AURAH,
For a few years we have been quite silent. This shall change again from now on…..
After releasing 4 CD’s, a few film soundtracks and writing and producing a lot of music for Film, TV and other artists we decided to build a home base and got thrown into the deep void of construction craziness, which we are sure some of you who ever dared to remodel or build a house, have encountered as well.

Needless to say that for a brief time guitars, mics and recording equipment were replaced
by other loud instruments like nail guns and hammers.

After brushing of the construction dust, we started to re-define our musical tone with new inspiration.
We wrote and recorded a lot of new material and are eager to share it with you!

As a start and thank you for your support here’s our first new recording, available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!
Three Little Birds is our homage to Bob Marley, someone who uplifted countless people through his music.
Yes, not typical cover for an organica band, but hey….

Let us know what you think or what other covers you’d like us to consider in the future!

Marc & Judith



Ostwind – feature film

We love movies….but then, you might know that already. Our song ‘Wake Up’ – which we’ve written and recorded with the oh so talented Thomas Hien – will be featured in Katja Von Garnier‘s new film Der Ostwind.  Vielleicht gibts’n Kinoabend?



Aloha from Aurah Video-shoot in Kauai!

We’re shooting the video for Khorwa, our upcoming single, in paradise! Hi to all!


Co-write with folk singer/songwriter Thomas Hien

We met Thomas through writing for the film ‘ Friendhip! and hit it off immediately. After getting together for food and wine we couldn’t resist grabbing guitars and ukulele and writing a song together. Here’s the result….


The song is available here.
Thank you all for your support!


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