Unter Wasser Über Leben (surviving under water)

Our 4th song to our ‘music in the now’ series takes us deep down into the water. We were fortunate to collaborate with a visual master of deep sea photography. Alexander Semenov is the chief of the diving team at the White Sea Biological Station in Russia. You couldn’t get us to jump into that cold water but boy….these images are beyond fantastical! ….. they’re the real deal!

It’s a trip how the ocean is a vast, untouched and unseen plane but I literally held my breath when I first saw Alexanders’ images. We dove into the studio (luckily not flooded) and recorded music inspired by them.

Enjoy! We hope you like it….

Co-write ‘Note to Self’ featured on BET promo

We had the chance to write a song with Coleen McMahon. And even better…. It became the theme song for the BET Drama promo for their new 1 hour drama ‘Being Mary Jane’. The trailer is also showing in previews to ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Mandela’ and The Best Man Holiday’ among others. How exciting…. Thanks you guys for all the love in the youtube comments!





Summon The Sky – with breathtaking time-lapses from Stephane Vetter

Aurora Borealis time-lapses from Iceland are Stephane Vetter’s specialty. We love to write soundscapes and dreamy music. It’s been a dream come true to be able to bring the two together. Stephan complied northern lights footage he has taken between 2011 – 2013. Awe-inspiring and breathtaking…
Maybe we can one day play for you all with these images in the background!

Above, Below, Beyond…..

We’re back to share our song Above, Below, Beyond featuring the breathtaking photography of Norbert Span (,
winner of the International Earth & Sky Photography Contest 2013!
You will see he’s fearless of climbing high mountains and camping in sub-zero temperatures in order
to capture the nighttime sky in ways you’ve never seen it!
We couldn’t resist to compose a new piece that aims to reflect the euphoria we felt seeing Norbert’s images.
This song is also part of our new youtube playlist called Music In The Now where we aim to take you on an expanding and un-rushed mini vacation.
Enjoy and share it with fellow travelers!




NEW EP Summon The Sky is here!!

The NEW Aurah EP is available! Can’t wait for you to hear the new songs and how our sound is transforming. We even added the Bob Marley (3 Little Birds) to it… It’s available on itunes and other downloadable sites and we also have some physical CDs which you can order here.

We hugely appreciate your support – it really matters!











Special thanks to Thierry Feuz for his incredible artwork and Blair Shotts for additional drums!




Pleasant Placidness – Relax and visualize…

Need something to help you relax? Like starring at the sky? Does our new song help?

We can always find beauty and happiness in the most unexpected places simply by changing your perspective and focus.
We hope this song is taking you on a imagenitary mini-vacation…..



Take My Breath Away

After many reincarnations this version of the song has finally made it! We always believed in the song but it took us half a dozen versions to get here. Special thanks to Dirk Grau for magnificent camera work….we like those german talents…
Hope you enjoy it!


Vent’s Mag Video Interview

Questions regarding song & video Khorwa…



Khorwa remixes are in…. enjoy everyone –
Huge shout aout and thank you for M80 & Genuine Childs!!


M80 Remix – dance/house/progressive house


Genuine Childs Remix – dance/chillout





Khorwa – (Circle of Life)


We are drawn to grandiose settings of the great outdoors, untouched by man. But we also live in a city with millions
of people and love its colorful, lively diversity. So here’s a stab at those contrasts.
The “Khorwa” video was shut in breathtaking Kauai… We hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think….

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