Loving Annabelle – Soundtrack



After a mutual friend introduced Aurah to Katherine Brooks and Jenni Young, the director and producers of “Loving Annabelle,” the filmmakers came over to Dold and Martin’s house to discuss the project over dinner. As the evening unfolded, Dold and Martin decided to play a live set so that Brooks and Young could get a feel for their style. It was an instant match. Brooks returned to their home to play tracks off her iPod that encapsulated the mood she was wanted in the score. Inspired, Martin and Dold took the next several weeks to write score for “Loving Annabelle.” In addition to creating music for the film, Dold and Martin recorded and produced singer/songwriters Jake Newton, who co-wrote and performed “Awake Again” in the movie, and Lindsey Harper who co-wrote and sang the film’s love song, “All Over Me.” Martin says, “We were very proud to have been part of that project because it’s a lesbian movie that came out at a time when there weren’t many movies like that.”


1. Overture
2. All Over Me
3. Spring Break
4. Pool Kiss
5. Church Fantasy
6. Amanda’s Photograph
7. Awake Again
8. Roses Anonymous
9. Etherea Borealis
10. Escape To The Beach
11. Memories 1
12. Memories 2
13. Good Bye



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“Etherea as substance? OK, maybe this isn’t all etherea, but there’s certainly a common musical theme of chilled, lush melodies, instrumental hypnotism and vocal beauty running through this entire soundtrack. A combination of electronica and sweet organic instrumentation, this blend of pop, ambient, new age, subtle trip-hop, downtempo and more is beauty in the tangible form of a!ecting music. Pretty seems a weak word but it can hardly be helped that it comes to mind when contemplating Aurah’s o!ering. And my what a fine name for a fine artist and that artist’s fine album. For truly there is an aura, thick yet cloudy, smooth, wispy yet substantial – the mind-capturing, soul-encapsulating gorgeousness of this aural endeavor is inescapable.” Four stars.

– Upchuck Undergrind,

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