Songs Of The Alchemist

Aurah’s second album ventured into the creation of sound experiences. When they entered the studio this time, they decided to “throw out all the tools” and abandon their analytic approach in favor of more artistic and intuitive freedom. “That’s when Aurah was really created,” says Martin. Their music became sound-space-driven rather than about traditional songwriting. “It was an incredible experience for us; like being on a trip.” They pulled in elements of world music through Spanish guitar, the didgeridoo, flute and djembe. Martin also began playing with her voice as an instrument. While recording the album, they were reading Paulo Coelho’s, “The Alchemist,” a story about a boy who embarks on a journey of the Self. By the end of the story, he lands where his journey began, but his consciousness is completely transformed. Martin says, “We entered the studio and just started writing. After about 10 songs, we listened to the music in context and realized it felt just like the journey of the book. It was such a gift of inspiration.”


1. One Night
2. Dreams Come True
3. Bazaar
4. Tangier
5. Faraway
6. Crazy
7. Aceda
8. Mayeyo
9. Sanctuary
10. Sand Beneath My Feet
11. The Phoenix
12. The Traveler
13. I Can See
14. Aleph
15. Dreams Come True
16. One Night Reprise


“Songs Of The Alchemist is getting heavy airplay here. A superb album!”
Dan Bayer, WKAR 


…Regardless of how much one knows — or doesn’t know -about Coelho’s work, Songs of the Alchemist stands on its own as an appealing example of electronica’s calmer, more peaceful side.
Barnes & Noble


“Aurah creates a soundtrack to real life; that is, the soundtrack to an exciting, fulfilling and dynamic lifestyle the way we’ve always dreamed it could be.
Judith Martin’s vocal gymnastics, unusual phrasing and inventive intonation  and a deliciously dream-like quality to the unmatched richness of Aurah’s instrumental odysseys. Marc Dold’s inventive turn on guitar, violin and percussion are nothing short of breath-taking. Every track is a delightful discovery.”
PJ _ Music International

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