Sunset Junction – Soundtrack

Dold and Martin were thrilled when the director of “Sunset Junction,” Jesus Rodriguez, asked them if they were interested in scoring his “personal musical.” Since the film centers around the mosaic of creative people who live and work in the Silverlake area, a well-known hipster hang in Los Angeles, the duo thought it would be fun to see what other musicians they could pull into the project. Dold and Martin functioned as Music Supervisors, licensing tracks from local bands as well as writing original music for the film. “It’s not a typical musical – there’s more dancing than traditional singing,” says Martin. “I love how the soundtrack came together with so many different bands.”


Sunset Junction – A Personal Musical
Original Music by Aurah
Music Supervision by Judith Martin

1. Sunglasses – Thomas Green & Zack Ross
2. Don’t Look Down – Helen Stellar
3. Waiting For You – Popvert
4. No Regrets – AURAH
5. Pasajero – David Mazzari
6. Congratulate Our Thievery – Lemon Sun
7. Finally Free – AURAH featuring Jason Landau
8. Just Another Day – AURAH
9. To Connect – Floating Action
10. Fall Away – Richard Briglia