Etherea Borealis


Ethera Borealis marks Aurah’s full-circle return to their roots; it combines traditional songwriting with their newfound love for film scoring, and soundscapes that are tinged with denser, darker elements. They also developed new ways of playing live. “We started playing as a duo,” says Dold. “We used loop devices to build layers of guitars on top of drum beats, and Judith started developing vocal improvisations, including African-influenced chants,” which leave a lasting impression in “I Decree Peace.” These innovations allowed them to create a sound that was much richer and thicker than what you might expect from a two-piece band. “It was great,” says Dold. “It allowed us to play live and sound the way that we do on the album.”


1. Amor Fati

2. I Love You For That
3. Wise Me Up
4. It’s Love
5. I Crave You
6. Clouds
7. Ready To Go
8. Karma
9. You Know The Truth
10. You Know The Truth Part II
11. Etherea Borealis
12. I Decree Peace
13. To Be Myself



“You can rest assured Aurah will get more air time.”
Ken McKay, KGPR


Highly recommended.
~review by Lisa Mc Sherry, Facing North

…. A nice find for curring edge tastes that love being hipper than the room.
Chris Spector — Midwest Record Recap

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