Kismet departed from lyric-based vocals entirely in order to “explore the space between sound and silence.” Dold explains, “We didn’t want to tell the listener what to think; we wanted to create a space for the listener’s own thoughts.” The album reflects a very creative period for Martin in particular; she was journaling daily, writing poetry and painting. Kismet is accompanied by a collection of her poems and paintings that directly relate to the music. Martin also began a regular mediation practice during this time. She says, “It’s a very internal album. We wrote a lot when it was quiet, at night.” Influenced by their travels to Southeast Asia, and especially Bali, the music is resonant with chants that speak a universal language. Kismet has an uncanny ability to lull listeners into a trance that transports us on a cosmic voyage.


1. The Arrival

2. Strange Allure
3. The Calling
4. Signs In My Sky
5. Beneath Rocks
6. Idiosyncracy
7. The City
8. Behind The Blue Curtain
9. Unmasking Days Of Sleep
10. Sweet Delirium